Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Book Folded Birdcage

I've just discovered the new to me craft of book folding, it's great fun and adds another dimension to my crafting.

After folding the book (there are lots of tutorials online to get you started) I sprayed the whole book with Glorious Gold from Oak House studio.

Using the Fiskars AdvantEdge ironworks cartridge I cut the bottom border out using gold card.

For my focal point I cut a bird using the Fiskars Fuse bird die with a letterpress plate from self adhesive cork.

Then I added leaf vine ribbon

To decorate I used white flowers from Samaflora.  I chose white as I wanted to have a play spraying and painting them myself.  The small flowers were on wires, which meant I could slide them into a fold and glue them in place.

I have always loved blue poppies (a happy memory from my childhood).

For the hanging loop I used a large bead and a bead cap on wire

The finished decoration

There are a few butterflies in places as I felt the need to add butterflies (one of my favourite embellishments.

Thanks for dropping by Lynne x

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